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Top 10 Reasons Why Web Projects Fail – Reason 10

This article is emphasizing ones again, the fact that we as Web Designers always have to follow a client’s decision when it comes to colors, layout etc.

Perfection in Simplicity (www.intelex.ca)
Perfection in Simplicity (www.intelex.ca)
2012-05-02 14:19:38 – And finally we moved on to the last but not least reason why webprojects fail. This reason together with 9 previous ones will help you avoid the most serious mistakes when developing a site.Reason #10: Bad personal Taste and Judgment

Owner’s personal taste is one of the most delicate aspects of web design that was intentionally left to be the last but definitely not the least. All the website owners want the best for their websites and their online businesses. They are using all their passion, creativity, experience to help the designers build the best website possible. They are sincere in their aspiration but sometimes in the effort to do something extraordinary or extravagant they tend to go overboard or a bit of sideways.

Since they are customers they are able to make web designers do whatever they wish because the designers are getting paid for it. However, a good web designer will always tell

client if he/she requests something that is not appropriate for the project. Not all, but most of the designers will tell clients that those are not right. The virtue is to have the strength to revisit your vision or taste and look at it from a neutral position.How to fail

The best way to fail in this case is not to listen to anyone (designers, friends, etc.) and do what seems “cool”, or “nice”, or “good”. It is client’s site and he can do whatever he wants because he pays for this.

Who cares what others think about it, as long as website owner likes it, everyone should like it too.

How to succeed

In order to succeed website owners have to remember that the site is built not for them but for the potential clients. Website success depends on the factor whether visitors like it. In order to assure this it is prudent to listen to professional designers because they have built way more sites than their clients. It also pays to listen to friends, relatives etc. In most cases, not always, but mostly, collective wisdom will be a better measure than a single individual’s. But of course there are exceptions to this rule, and there are individuals who can foresee what others can’t.

These 10 points were written with the aim to help future website owners survive in this competitive environment and avoid certain mistakes which not only take too much time to settle but of course extra expenses. Why repeat someone’s mistakes when it is much easier to leave them aside

Source: http://www.pr-inside.com/top-10-reasons-why-web-projects-r3162264.htm

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