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Colors and Shapes

The following article explains the impact on colors and shapes when it comes to web design.  It give us a good idea what are the the meaning of the these particular subjects.


Colours can set a tone for a business. If you provide a daycare service, having dark drab walls does not advertise an inviting environment for children. However, bright colours would not be appropriate for a funeral home. This same principle would hold for a website. It should be cautioned, though, that too many muted colours could cause boredom in the visitors, while too many bold colours can overwhelm the visitors.

The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company

Choose the Feng Shui colours that will compliment the product or service on the website, as well as compliment each other. Colours in Feng Shui are based on the five elements recognized by Chinese culture: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood.

  • Earth – If your goal is to provide a look of stability or to nourish visitors either in mind or body, then light yellow, beige, and/or various earthy colours should be used.
  • Fire – If you want to convey high energy and passion, then use red, orange, purple, pink, or a strongyellow.
  • Metal – If you provide a service that is best known to be clear and precise in its practice, then choosing grey or white for the website is ideal. However, too much white space does not give good Qi. Remember, Feng Shui is a delicate balance.
  • Water – Water is life, and colours like blue and black provide a sense of calmness, purity, and abundance.
  • Wood – Green and brown give the sense of health and vitality that living trees embody.


Feng shui uses the shapes according to the Chinese elements, also, so it is important to pay attention to them. Earth is represented in square, fire is the triangle, metal is identified as round, water with waves, and wood is the rectangle.


However, it is not necessary to include every shape on a webpage to achieve harmony and balance. Mixing too many different shapes can also throw off the Qi.





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