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Grunge Style In Modern Web Design

I just found this article that shows the new trends for 2012. I think is very interesting how the colors and the backgrounds are implemented to this new websites. Most design trends come unexpectedly, evolve over time, become pointless and finally disappear from the design landscape. This holds particularly for web design, which is — just as […]

Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility

As graphic designers we should consider making more accessible the pages we create for those who have disabilities. The video below talks about the importance of using HTML heading and how helpful it is for people with disabilities.

Why Good Website Navigation Is Important ?

A good navigation system can increase the numbers of pages viewed, increase the sales, members etc. Following some tips as this following article shows will make your website successful. Web surfers are basically an impatient bunch and if a website is hard to figure out because the links are not obvious, they will click away […]