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Banner Design Success Techniques

Banners are a good way to promote your website or your client’s products. The following article gives good information regarding banners. Banners have been a major part of the World Wide Web world since its early days. Copywriters burn the midnight oil looking for new designs that will grab the visitor’s attention and compel him […]

5 Contract Must Haves for Web Designers

I found the following article that gives good tips to take in consideration when is time to write a  professional contract: You should always find out in your initial client interview what type of site they are expecting you to build. I find it best to ask them for examples of sites they like and […]

Website Designer

As new Web Designers we need to follow advices from the experts Web Designers. The following article gives some interesting rules that we can break so keep them in mind. 10 Web Design Rules That You Can Break Rule #1: Do Not Display the Horizontal Scroll Bar A significant number of mice don’t have a […]