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Create Toning, Coloring and Special Effects in Photoshop and Lightroom

Since I am working with layers in Photoshop, I am impressed of all the features and different things you can create with it. The following article shows different techniques and give you tricks on nice effects that can transform the look on a simple picture. Old-process Effects There are a few effects that make images look vintage. […]

Web Design Versus Web Development

Web Designer and Web Developer are two different disciplines as explained in the following article. A Web Designer is who has the ability to combine the following features to achieve a good final product: Look, Functionality, and usability. A Web Developer creates the functionality for the website, but all of that functionality must be integrated […]

Ideas for a New Web Designers

Some good ideas I found on this article about How to get more Freelance Work and Generate New Clients Leads. I will list a few of them, also I am including the link for a complete list and details. Send out an email to everyone in your address book announcing what you do Offer free consultation […]

Common Mistakes that New Web Designers Make

Being new in this field I set myself to read a lot about mistakes that some Web Developments make. I am paying close attention to the recommendations to improve my knowledge every day. I found an interesting article in which the author mention few of the most common mistakes and they are: 1. Make sure […]